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We allow you to read the first page of a book, look at its cover and then buy it, but only if you like it. Nothing beats sampling a novel. Experience the simple pleasure of finding novels that you like, fast, with

If you are a writer or a publisher who wants to be featured here email: 

6 thoughts on “

  1. The concept has promise… especially if it also applies to nonfiction and so-called picture books in addition to novels. Will there be promotions attached and other considerations by which publishers and authors can ‘incentivize’ and promote all issues of books, texts?

    1. Non fiction and genre categories will evolve here naturally, Marshall. Authors can save on web site changes by using their BooksGoSocial book page to announce new books. And they can also promote pseudonym based offerings here too. I am also happy for individual authors to offer prizes for readers to visit their pages.

  2. Saw your compelling post on thriller writer via Twitter. Discoverability ipso facto. I plan to find a way to add my legal thriller. ESP since you’re in Ireland and I’m an O’Leary. Best of luck with this site

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